let’s talk about me

Hi, everyone! My name is Aly, I am 24 years old, and a registered nurse in Kansas City, MO. By day I take care of patients, but my time off is often spent working on my soon-to-be home in a small town north of Kansas City.

my Golden Retriever, Juneau, and I

my Golden Retriever, Juneau, and I

My family and I began a new chapter in 2007 when we purchased an antebellum home and an adjoining two lots in desperate need of some lovin’. The home had been vacant for nearly 30 years, with only the occasional raccoon claiming it as their own. My dad’s expertise in auto and home restorations (check out Flashback Restoration), combined with my mom’s interior decorating skills and my brother and I’s free child labor (I’m only kind of joking) proved vital in completing this huge project. With that restoration now complete, we have turned our attention to the two remaining lots on the property.

the main house, post-renovation – October, 2015

With a former garage on one lot, and a pre-Civil War era cabin on the other, my brother and I were given the option of returning to our hometown after college and renovating the structure of our choosing.

the garage - August, 2015

the garage – August, 2015

the cabin - November, 2015

the cabin – November, 2015

As tempted as I was to spend nearly half my paycheck on a loft in the newest up-and-coming area of the city, I suppose I couldn’t resist the urge to return back to my roots. Even my brother chose to give up life among the vineyards and culinary geniuses of Napa Valley in order to begin work on his own home and business, Hearth Bread Co..

My hope is that this blog will not only chronicle my journey of  turning a structure into a home, but that it may serve as proof to individuals that it is okay to go against societal norms and expectations. Sure, living next door to your parents in a former garage may not be for everyone. But it’s for me.

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