a vision come to life.

a vision come to life.

a vision come to life.

“This is a wonderful day. I’ve never seen this one before.” – Maya Angelou

I cherish every morning that I am granted the great privilege of waking up and basking in the sunshine that is my new home. With the dawn’s earliest rays filtering through my window, creating a kaleidoscope of patterns on my chenille bedspread, I am continuously amazed by how lucky I am to have seen this vision of a home come to life.


These vintage chenille beauties were scored from Sunflower Sister’s Vintage in Leavenworth, KS. With only a few small stains, they were a steal that I couldn’t pass up (click here for a great tutorial on how to clean vintage chenille). 

A majority of my summer mornings thus far have been spent lounging on the deck, sipping on iced coffee and cherishing the solitude before the work days begin.


These colorful cuties are a staple from Lili’s in Weston, MO. Lili’s is a go-to place for vintage items with a modern flare. 


Getting ready for a long day at work (in the wee hours of the morning!) is much more enjoyable if you are in a space that makes you happy. Even with a majority of the bathroom still unfinished, I have managed to create a space I love to spend time in. 


I have had to get creative with cheap and temporary storage solutions. Above is step-stool and wooden crate, both bought from My Sister’s Closet, which I stacked to create a make-shift bathroom vanity until I find the perfect piece for the small space. Below – vintage tins can be used to keep jewelry or makeup confined to a clutter-free spot. 


A majority of evenings are spent in the former garage, renovated into the main living space (click here for pictures of what this space once looked like).




One of my favorite pieces in this space is the Argentine cowhide rug (seen below) that has been layered under a jute rug. Major shout out to one of my favorites, Cactus Creek, for the beauty that is this cowhide (and the genius idea to layer it with a jute or sisal rug!). The vintage trunk-turned-coffee table was a bargain find from a local thrift store – only $20!


Stay tuned for continuous updates and projects in my new home! In the meantime, stay cool my friends.


  1. Aly it makes my heart so happy to see these pictures and to see how you appreciate it so much ! It is just adorable ! Just shows what cute things you can do on a budget. I LOVE IT ! Love you sweet girl !

  2. Wow! You did amazing decorating Aly! You worked hard and now you have lovely home to be proud of! Love it!

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