the heart of the home.

the heart of the home.

the heart of the home.

You’ve just gotta work with what your momma gave ya – or, in this case, with what the wood grain gave ya. Lucky for me, this pecan has it all. The contrasting light and dark grain of the wood melts together like a white chocolate chip cradled in a bed of caramel (my mind is always on dessert).


Purchased from Bloomer Hardwoods, the pecan came milled and in its natural state. My dad and I ripped (cut the planks of wood parallel to the grain) and cross-cut (cut the planks of wood perpendicular to the grain) until the pieces were a workable size to be made into cabinetry. My requirement for the design of the kitchen, and the rest of the house included, was that everything look as organic as possible, with a focus on texture and beautiful wood accents. In addition, I decided on open cabinetry and shelving, choosing to only put cabinet doors over the area under my sink. I communicated my thoughts to my dad and left the rest of the design up to him, knowing whatever he created would be beautiful. And hot damn – he did not disappoint.

IMG_2361 (2)
To seal off the wood, and to ensure that the cabinet tops would be easy to clean, we applied two coats of polyurethane to the entire surface. Here is the almost finished product (the cabinet doors under the sink need to be installed)…



I chose a Kohler cast iron sink in white to complement the wood grain, along with a Delta faucet in a nickel finish.


And don’t forget the biggest esential… a window ledge for my succulents and herbs to soak up the sun.


Remember my old and chippy front door? This week’s sneak peek is of the freshly painted door… Stay tuned for photos of it installed.



This week my recently transplanted larkspur plant from a neighbor’s garden started blooming. Coincidence that it is the same beautiful hue as my front door? 🙂



  1. Aly it just makes me so happy to see what you’re doing with your new home, putting your heart and soul into every detail.I can’t wait to see the finished project.Now you’re getting to the fun part, you’re going to have so much fun decorating and I know it’s going to be adorable ! Love you sweetie!

  2. So beautiful! Are you doing pecan wood under your kitchen sink or painting the cabinets? I love seeing your house building progress.

    1. Thank you, Dee! I am going with the pecan underneath the kitchen sink as well. I opted out of painting them when I saw how beautiful the grain was.

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