honesty hour.

honesty hour.

honesty hour.

“The only unique contribution that you will make in this world will be born of creativity.”

-Brene Brown on Magic Lessons, a podcast by Elizabeth Gilbert


I have been terrified of this post – or rather, of making this post public. Whenever questioned on when the next online update will come on the house, I respond with whatever generic response I can muster at the time and silently swear to continue dragging my feet awhile longer. Why? Because letting others see what you are pouring your creative energy into is, in my opinion, the ultimate state of vulnerability. Instead of showing the natural progression of a project – from a shit hole, into an even bigger shit hole before transforming into something beautiful – I thought it would be honest of me to dive straight into the Instagram worthy pics of Pyrex laden open-shelving (don’t you worry your little soul, those are to come).
So here is the progression thus far…

… in the main living area:




I will even have a “book nook” (aka happy place) with a built-in bookcase! All of my Pinterest dreams have been realized.


… in the kitchen:



… in my bedroom:


… in my bathroom:


(more pics to come on my new/old bathroom sink custom made by Flashback Restoration)

Stay tuned for updates on my adventures with shiplap (click here for HGTV’s guide to designing with this material). Joanna Gaines – help a sister out?

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