a little greenery never hurt anyone.

a little greenery never hurt anyone.

a little greenery never hurt anyone.

“Leave a place better than you found it. No matter where you go.”  – Nate Berkus


I can remember afternoons spent staring up at my Grandma Betty in front of the kitchen sink, her hands pruny from the dishwater, accompanied by the tunes of George Strait floating from the radio on the kitchen table. She would tell me, “Alyson, it’s important that a person stays busy.” A person needs to have something to channel positive energy into. Something that is theirs. No matter what life has up it’s sleeve, you can keep chugging along on it – sanding, painting, scrubbing, hammering.

So these next few weeks I will stay busy. Last weekend we hit a milestone and finished in the front door and windows.

front door before

It’s amazing what a tiny bit of paint and caulking can do! I used an acrylic latex based caulking to finish in the seams around the window and door trim before painting.


Not bad, eh? We had the local hardware store cut the glass for the side windows – an extremely affordable option for anyone in need of replacing panes of glass in windows, cabinets, etc. Just take them your measurements and they will handle the rest.

front door after

Don’t forget the greenery! Even construction zones need to look festive for the holidays.

first wreath


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