a front door

a front door

a front door

A monumental week in the journey thus far… I have a front door! We found this treasure – mail slot and all -buried among old window frames and doors at Jeff’s Architectural Salvage. Located at the bottom of Main St. in Weston, MO, Jeff’s has been a go-to for fixer-upper finds throughout our home restoration projects. As long as you’re willing to put in some elbow grease, you’re guaranteed to walk away with a gem.



The beauty is framed in and ready to withstand the harsh Midwest winter. Come spring, we will be taking it back down to start the refinishing process. We estimate about 30 hours ahead on caulking, sanding, and stripping before we can repaint the door.


Five trips to Home Depot and 70 paint color chips later, I think I have narrowed down my top paint choices for the door. Weeks and weeks have been spent deliberating – from a deep red, to a vibrant teal – my mom told me to go with a color that made me happy. When I picture happiness, a giant pile of autumn leaves comes to mind.  So, I figure – why the hell not?







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